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DATE: 13.09.2020


“There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.”
- Nietzsche

It is such a joy to meet new people. What a great collaboration with our Lithuanian colleagues. This time it was a double enjoyment, because we where able to work together and create something so mesmerizing! Thank you my team for putting up with me and my ideas!

Photography ANDREJ ŠPILEVOJ // Video VYTAUTAS UNCEVIČIUS // Bouquets IN BLOOM // Stylist ALĪNE SKARULE // Brides Makeup and Hair TĪNA TĪRONE // Models MADARA ANETE and GINTS // Brides Dresses ALEXANGEL BRIDAL // Brides Shoes BON BON SHOES // Brides Boots HOEGL // Earrings #1 and Necklace ROZENTHAL JEWELRY // Earings #2 NOTTE DESIGN // Grooms Style SUIT FACTORY // Hat STRAUMBERGS // 

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